"Discover How to Turbo-Charge EVERY Aspect of Your
Health & Performance and Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!"

If You Value Your Health You Simply Must Come to…

"The Health & Performance Breakthrough Weekend”

Next Dates:

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd January 2017


Dear Friend,
     Thousands of people have now totally revolutionised their health and performance and with it their lives with these health secrets. Now it is your turn to discover:

How to create Massive amounts of personal Energy
Boost your brain power, mental clarity and focus
Lose unwanted weight
Increase Your Calmness


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Understand what causes health challenges
Wave Bye Bye to Poor Health
Absorb the foods you are eating much better
The key to beautiful Skin
Protect yourself from osteoporosis
How to Live longer, look younger and have more fun
Eliminate Colds and Flu's forever
Eliminate Headaches forever
Eliminate the biggest source of toxins
Learn how the foods you have eaten in the past continue to hinder you now, and what to do about it!


“How to Make 2017 BY FAR Your Best Year Ever!”

This health and performance breakthrough experience is for you if you want:

Outstanding Health & Energy
More Money
More Time
Better Relationships
Resolution Of Unwanted Health Complaints

Every improvement in any area of your life requires that you have two things more than anything else:

1 You have the extra time and energy to make the changes

2 You feel good!

I've always been amazed at what clients have done with the abundance of extra time, energy and happiness they have got by taking charge of their health and learning the leading edge strategies I teach.

We've seen everything in clients from having time to tidy up the house, to completely changing home, country, career and relationships all at the same time!

Some clients have even taken to running marathons every day with their new found energy and enthusiasm just for fun! What will it be for you? Where will you direct your extra energy and enthusiasm? You Decide!

Whatever you wish to do with your life, having less energy than you're capable of and not feeling good are the primary reasons that hold you back from doing well in all areas of your life.  On the Health & Performance Breakthrough Weekend Seminar you will learn precisely how to create all the energy you want and feel so good that you have the time and energy to make major changes in your relationships, business, career, energy to exercise, time to study, and financial affairs.

"Incredible value, but most of all the absolute incentive and leverage to really spring clean my body and go for 100% health. Thank You Peter! You’re a blessing to us all”

Susanne Meis, London

 But Wait, there’s more! On Days 2 & 3 you will discover:

The Psychology of Health Success

The most effective and easy strategies to completely Cleanse, Detoxify & Eliminate

“How to Set Yourself up for Unstoppable Health Success and Momentum”

Sure, we all eat and drink things occasionally that aren't in our best interest. But it's the consistent consumption of these things that leads us into trouble. On the psychology of health success we will set up your mind for:

Healthy beliefs - create the mindset of the healthiest people on the planet! The reality is that you are just one thought away and we will guide you to having the mindset of a champion!

Take control of every aspect of consciousness that impacts your health: food, drink, exercise, stress

Set up a game plan for success


“Everyone should know about these simple basic steps and concepts for embracing and maintaining extraordinary health. Loads of really easy to understand information, and Peter delivers it great with a humorous slant”

Beryn Meijer, Health Educator, South Africa

“How to Totally Cleanse, Detoxify and Eliminate”

Every year we are inundated with requests for the latest information about what is really working in the advanced natural health and elite medical communities about how to really get the untold nasties out of our bodies.  

I can tell you that there is a huge difference what works and media hype. And the funniest thing is that doing what works can actually be easier and more enjoyable than what the mainstream media promote!

You will Discover How to Get Rid of the Big 3 Groups of Impurities that Could be Holding You Back:

  • Unwanted "guests". Yeast, viruses, fungus, mould, bacteria, parasites, candida.
  • 70,000 industrial pollutants, chemicals and heavy metals, many of which have been stored in your body for years and holding you back from optimum health & vibrancy
  • Intestinal garbage, how it really inhibits you from absorbing the nutrition in the food you are eating (we've documented in lab tests that the average person only absorbs 65% of what they consume).
  • Intestinal garbage, how it contributes to over 65 different health conditions according to the Royal Society of Medicine, Great Britain.

Just take one of these categories alone; industrial chemicals and pollutants, and see how it impacts your health

“Packed with useful information and the healthy food served was scrumptious!”

Marco Shirodkar, Student of Longevity

70,000 industrial chemicals and pollutants are dumped into the environment, and 65,000 of these are potentially hazardous to your health according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Averages of 1000 different pollutants are permanently stored in your body and they're wreaking havoc: 

  • Disrupting your hormones 
  • Contributing to Cancer
  • Affecting your brain and neurological functions 
  • Aging you inside and out
  • Giving you cataracts 

Leading doctors now agree that nearly all ailments and diseases have an underlying toxic component.

There is no health in the modern world without thorough detoxification of industrial chemicals. The good news is that there have been some major breakthroughs in detoxification recently which means that
You Can Now Become 100% Toxin Free!

I'm so excited because you can now get ALL the toxins out of your body and brain ridiculously easily (so easy: you'll love it!)  And this is what we're going to talk about on the seminar. This includes:

  •  Carcinogenic chemicals
  •  An-aerobic organisms 
  •  Heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium  etc.) 
  •  Drugs  
  •  Petrochemicals
  •  PCB’s
  •  Dioxins 
  •  Pollutants 
  •  Radio-Active Particles 
  •  Pesticides 
  •  Herbicides
  •  Xeno-estrogens 

I'm so excited for you I can hardly contain myself!

But wait, we haven't even got onto:
Parasites, Worms, Yeasts, Protozoa, Viruses, Bacteria, Amoeba, Fungi, Moulds
- We'll get these covered too…

“Truly excellent. Peter has embodied most of my research in real and effective applications”

James Boyce, Health Researcher

We will also cover the basics…

“Boost Your Enjoyment of Life with Health & Nutrition Fundamentals”

For years Peter Pure has been guiding his clients through major health breakthroughs and transformations, but this is the first time he is covering the foundational aspects of nutrition that make such a huge difference, and yet virtually everyone has completely misunderstood, overlooked or forgotten about!

In this segment of the program we will be having a complete review of the basics with the unique depth of insight that Peter offers:

  • Oxygen - the key to energy and endurance. How to enhance your uptake of this vital element
  • Water- what are the best sources to drink and bath in. How to avoid the biggest source of water borne pollutants
  • Earth Energies - good EMF and how to discharge destructive Electro Magnetic Frequencies from your body

“Very informative and inspiring. Simple and easy to understand. Food was delicious. Shows that healthy need not be repetitive and dull”

Dawn Wilkinson

  • Sunshine - The source of all life and safe ways to use sunshine to positively impact your happiness and extend your lifespan
  • Minerals - Where are the missing 92 minerals that make a huge difference in your life and health? How to get the missing 92 elements in your diet. Clue: there are only 3 minerals in supermarket food: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium - just enough to make vegetables look good, but nowhere near sufficient for you to be at your best
  • Vitamins, Amino Acids, Essential Fats - What's in our food and which of these essential elements are missing that we must include in our diet just to fulfil our basic needs. How the fats we eat can make your skin soft and gentle, or lack will end up in dry skin.
  • The everyday vitamin that when taken in sufficient quantity has been proven by a 10-year University Study to extend lifespan of humans by 6 years alone! Why aren't people consuming it, and where to get it from?

"Awesome! The photographic evidence was very powerful and Peter's diagrams of what happens to the blood, lymph, tissues and digestive system were most helpful. Life changing!”

Joseph Warmann, businessman, London


Never before has such useful, action orientated, natural health and cutting edge, enjoyable and certifiable health transformation and improvement information been put together in a single weekend. If you enjoy being alive and value your health at all, you simply MUST ATTEND.

Dorothy McCuller, made some MAJOR changes!

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  • Went From Dress Size 20 to 14
  • Face Got Younger
  • Relieved Sciatica
  • Reversed Mole Growth
  • Better Fingernails
  • Better Hair

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About Peter Pure

Peter Pure will be your health educator and program leader for the weekend.

Peter Pure is an Honorary Member of the Complementary Medical Association - recognised by the public and doctors alike as the leading organisation in the field of ethical, professional complementary Medicine. Peter Pure is also a member of The British Holistic Medical Association and The British Longevity Society.

Peter Pure has been selected as a guest lecturer for The Geneva Anti-Aging Medical Conference 2009. Peter Pure is also author of the book Lush Salads: tasty plant based recipes to improve your health.

Peter Pure has been an enthusiastic student of health improvement for over 20 years, and has transformed the health of thousands. His clients have included leading actresses, celebrities and athletes (names to be disclosed upon approval). His clients regularly get 3 - 5 hours more energy every day, and freedom from headaches, coughs, colds and flu's. They also regularly increase their brain power and intelligence.

But don’t just take our word for it, here's what previous attendees have said about some of the various segments and sessions that will be presented on this action packed weekend:

“A good reminder to preventative measures against ill health. The food was really great and has given me many ideas on how to keep a balanced diet”    

L. Di.Michele


“Extremely good talk and very helpful especially if you've experienced some ailments in life. I'm sincerely grateful for your help.  Thanks a lot

Mavis Warmann


“Having spent some time studying natural health I was pleasantly surprised by Peter bringing new information to the table as well as some alternative solutions to ones I already knew”  

Misae Richwoods, Martial Artist

“Very clear, comprehensive and absorbing. Delivered with fun and very instructive. I learnt a fantastic amount that now makes sense of what I previously knew and how I can now move forward to a truly healthy lifestyle. Many thanks”

Peter Carter


“Informative and enlightening. It made me more aware of areas in my life where I can make significant improvements and ultimately change the quality of my life”

Ray Koloding

Who must attend:
This health breakthrough seminar will be of enormous benefit to you if you're in one of the following groups:

People of average health that wish to make major improvements
People with health compromises that wish to wave them bye bye
People of superior health that are looking to gain the edge
People who are curious about how to make further improvements in your health and experience of life
Health Professionals, Athletes, Nutritionists and Doctors
People that love being alive and would like to enjoy more life!
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“Very inspirational speaker. Clear and informative. Delicious food”

Anita Watson, Banbury


The whole program was fantastic. Lots of valuable ideas put together very well. It was the helpful remarks that I need to pay more attention to my diet”

Andrew Cross


"I feel that I've learnt some very practical things that I can put into place quite quickly to get me back on the right road to optimum health.

I understand what detoxification is all about now and can see the value and benefit to me doing it.

Peter’s knowledge of the subject is so deep. You are a great resource to draw upon. You present that knowledge in a powerful, informative and fun way!

I'm glad I made the commitment to attend!”

Andy Webb

When & Where's The Seminar Being Held?

The Health & Performance Breakthrough Weekend Seminar will be held on the following dates:

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd January 2017

The venue will be in Central London

for dates thereafter enter your email address in the fly in box at the top of this page if you wish to be informed of new dates.

Choose the weekend that suits you.

There's Only 9 Seats Left Now! How To Reserve Yours...

We really wanted to help as many people take charge of their health as possible but had to limit the number of seats to just 23 because we want to ensure that every single attendee is served really well.

Right now we only have 23  9 seats left, so make sure you click the link at the bottom of the page to avoid disappointment.

Please do not turn up if you have not reserved your seat. This is a first come, first served event, so please continue reading if you want to book a place at this important seminar.

Proprietary Information Revealed

It used to be that you couldn’t buy this information even if you wanted it. On this weekend I will be revealing the secrets and concepts that are normally only mentioned in elite and closed door natural health and medical circles. Further, even my clients used to have to qualify to even hear about this! Even just 1 year ago, only a privileged few would ever get to read what you’re reading right now, yet alone be invited on a program to find out about all the hot tips that will be revealed.

But now you can attend at a ridiculously low rate because of the persistence and encouragement of my personal clients who kept saying that “Everyone should know about these simple basic steps and concepts for embracing and maintaining extraordinary health”

Because I've got such cutting edge information and deliver in such easy to understand ways we could EASILY charge £500 for the seminar. And it would sell out.

Because I wanted to make this a COMPLETE NO-BRAINER, so it’s easy for you to say YES! The Early Bird Special Rate for you is just: 497, 97 - for the whole weekend!  - why? for the most part, because I’d like to see you again (that’s right – you’ve been hand selected from my list to get this, because I know you value my information).

Update: Only 23 9 seats left! Hurry!!!

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“Fantastic! So much information. Really, really good. Great flow. Great demonstrations. Really thorough. Felt like you'd done lots of research”

Jennifer Earle


“Plenty of information given to force me to finally take action. Great food as always. Well done”   

Samantha Small


I liked all the valuable information, the inspiring and motivating encouragement. As usual the food was excellent”

Jenny O'Kelly, Firelady


Excellent. I learnt a lot of cutting edge info with Pete's encyclopaedic knowledge of health and nutrition. Very entertaining!”

Steve Oxlade, Fitness Athlete & Investor, London

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What You Get

VIP Ticket
Your entry ticket and workbook for the weekend

Canapé & non-alcoholic juice cocktail lunch on Sunday

4-course gourmet meal on Saturday night


Friday 12.30pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 8.40am - 10pm

Sunday 8.40am - 8pm

Total for the whole weekend when you book NOW to get the Early Bird Special £497 £97

This weekend seminar will go deep into the practicalities and the understandings behind massive health transformation. However, of equal importance is tasting the cuisine that is guaranteed to improve and transform your health. This way you will have the intellectual understanding and the emotional reassurance that you can transform your health.

Note: all food and drink supplied will be 100% raw, vegan, animal product free, dairy free, weird chemical free, grain free, GM free, no margarine or unpronounceable nonsense, no additives, no soya. AND 3000% delicious!

To Book Your Seats:

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To Your Massive Health & Performance Improvements

Peter Pure

P.S. Never before has so much practical, useful, actionable health transformation information been put together in one action packed weekend. This seminar is the sure-fire way to turbo charge your health and make 2017 your best year ever.

Please Note: This educational program does not constitute or replace personalised advice from a qualified health practioner. This is a general health and wellbeing seminar that does not treat any disease. What you do with the information presented in this program is your sole responsibility.

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